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About Loresa

Hello there, I am a Cleveland, Ohio native and I also lived in Canada for almost a decade. Although it was not a culture shock living in Canada, it does give one a fresh perspective living in another country. In addition to North America, I have travelled to the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa. Somewhere along the way,  I became diagnosed with a serious case of wanderlust.  I do not think I will ever be cured, but I do try to treat the desire by exploring locally and abroad every chance I get.

Last year, I was about to turn forty and I  had the realization that I had yet to visit Africa.  I wanted to  Africa for many years now.  Since I was not getting any younger, I  booked my three week holiday to Zimbabwe, Botswana, and South Africa. As someone who has always overpacked, I had a lot to learn as I needed to use a backpack as my primary (only) luggage for three weeks! I consulted with friends, researched the internet and read a few books.  There was so much to learn.

During my first backpacking trip, I learned so much about myself through trial and error. Sometimes more error than trial. I wanted to create a space to share  travel experiences , travel tips, and advice.


If you have any questions, comments, or advice please email me at enlightenedventurer@gmail.com



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