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Another Trip Around the Sun- Reflectons and Projections




My birthday has arrived again another year ticked off. Have I become wiser?   I am not sure, but I am trying. Reflections of last year were filled with very unforgettable and emotional memories.  Currently, I am working my 9-5ish (sometime way more) job. With my employment, I worked the 2016 democratic national convention (DNC).  I do not want to get political here, but the company I work for was part of the

Looking “important” before the DNC starts and the real speakers arrive

set up.  Watching the Philadelphia  Fliers (Wells Fargo) Arena become transformed to the DNC was one of the largest projects I worked on. Although I was only there for a month, many others were there for months to set up the event.


One of my Personal memorable hilights was  my trip to Africa. It was a bucket list adventure to celebrate my 40th birthday.  The three week holiday was full of wildlife, beautiful scenery, and amazing  people. There were ups and downs, and I learned so much about myself.  I know now that travel must be part of my life.  Every journey I have taken weather traveling or living abroad were game changers for my life, and I do not want the learning to ever stop.


My lowest point was the break up with my fiancée. It was not my choice. I was/ am in a lot of pain. Not having closure was and is difficult for me as I am a knowledge seeker, and I need to understand.  June was a difficult month for me. I was not sure if I would make it through. Despite this, I continue to find and thrive in my new normal and push through.




The year ahead will be filled with therapy.  I have been seeing a therapist since June to work through my life. I am thankful to have someone to listen, and push me when I need it.  How else will I grow?  In addition to therapy, I have been seeing an acupuncturist regularity to treat mental and physical health.  I have become an avid kayaker, and I try to practice yoga and mediatate when I can.


Indian Dancers-Cleveland Asian Festival

One of the things I am most looking for is my trip to India. My holiday will be filled with some sightseeing and some time spent in asharams to experience the yogic lifestyle.  I have wanted to become a yoga teacher for years now. I will use this journey as the beginning of that chapter. I am looking forward to learning about myself through the journey.  Have you experienced asharams?  Have you had an experience in your life that made you take stock and make changes?  If so, what did you do and how did you make it through?



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