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Traveling to Botswana? Be sure to visit the Okavango Delta

I hate to admit it, but Botswana was not the country I was planning to see on my African Holiday. South Africa was the place on my bucket list. However the tour I chose included activities in Botswana. Although I was not complaining, it was not where I planned to go.  I am happy to say that I was so wrong. The tour in Botswana lasted about six days, but  I could have spent much more time in the country. My favorite part of Botswana was the Okavango Delta.  If you are planning a trip to Africa and Botswana is not on your list, you may change your mind.

Preparing for the Okavango Delta


Although the Okavango Delta was my favorite part, I needed to get myself ready for the living conditions for the next threee days and two nights without plumbing. That’s right, no flushing toilets, no showers, no sinks. The beautiful scenery of delta by far outweighed the lack of plumbing.

Okavango Delta sunset

Believe it or not, the tents were comfortable. I would wake up in the morning to the sounds of lions roaring from a distance. Now how’s that for an alarm clock! A few days later, there was a big thunderstorm at the rhino sanctuary, and not a drop of rain entered the tent.

My home in the Okavango Delta

Mokoros and the safari experience

The sunset mokoro ride was by one of my favorite  experiences. What is a mokoro you ask?  Mokoros are small boats currently made of fiberglass and are  driven by polers. A poler is a man or a woman that uses a pole into the shallow delta to thrust the mokoro forward. Click the link below for a video of the experience.

Sunset mokoro ride

Polers  make poling look easy, but our guide let me try maneuvering the mokoro. I did not tip us over, but I could not steer us in a straight line. Driving the mokoro was hard work, and we received a few laughs from others on the delta.  We spent about two hours in the mokoro to get to our camp. Following my experience , I have great respect for the strength and knowledge of the polers .

Heading to Camp

While on our walking safaris, Gift was our guide.  On our sunset walk, we had a lot of questions and he had a lot of answers. For our morning safari walk, we were quiet to increase our chances of seeing wildlife. Below are some of the experiences including a short video of zebras.

Baobab Tree sunset in the Okavango Delta

Gift, our tour guide, keeping us safe

Zebras on the move

Have you been to Botswana? Do you have any tips, or would you like to share your experience? Are heading to Botswana? Be sure to drop me an email or comment if you need any tips or advice: enlightenedventurer@gmail.com








4 thoughts on “Traveling to Botswana? Be sure to visit the Okavango Delta

  1. Dorothy

    Wow!! How interesting 🙂
    Never thought of Botswana.
    Plus lions for a alarm sure sounds cool yet a little scary haha….this is sure something think about.

    1. Loresa Novy Post author

      Thanks for your comment! If you consider visiting Botswana, Intrepid does some wonderful tours. If the lions did not sound so far away, I would have been scared too.

  2. Jared

    Hi Loresa

    I am actually from South Africa, but have not visited Botswana unfortunately. I have heard so many great things about it but have kept putting the trip off to see what I think are better places. Viewing your article has shown me some very cool insight into the place and what to expect. I shall be putting Botswana back on the top of my list and I thank you for that.

    1. admin

      Hi Jared. Thanks for your comment.  Yes, I found Botswana to be filled with kind people and beautiful scenery. I hope you make it to the Okavango Delta and see other parts of Botswana soon. 

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