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Vegetarian Restaurants in Barcelona

I have been a vegetarian most of my life. When I travel, I do spend some researching restaurants to visit.  I have found Barcelona to be a vegetarian’s paradise and I have not gone hungry on my many visits there. Being hangry is not good for anyone, so taking time to research places to eat is essential for an enjoyable time spent on holiday. Of the many options, I have a review of my favourite vegetarian restaurants in Barcelona.


Restaurant info

  • Casual dining
  • Great for Lunch
  • Around 15 Euro
  • Three locations

I have visited the restaurant in the Gothic area. I love that I can get The Menu Del Dia and not have to worry about getting items with meat. The Menu Del Dia is a minimum three course meal  served with beverages. This is a common way to eat lunch. First you start with a salad or appetizer with wine (or soda), a main course, and a dessert with a cafe con leche.  Every time I have been here, they did not disappoint me.


Teresa Carles

Restaurant info

  • Casual, but I have seen some people dress up as well
  • Great for dinner
  • Reservations suggested & can be easily made on her site
  • price: Tasting menu 30 Euro (as of 05-OCT-17)

Teresa has over 35 years in the culinary business. I visited the restaurant on my first visit to Barcelona and every visit there after. The flavour profiles she uses are tantalizing. It may be a good idea to make a reservation if you plan on visiting for dinner. She now has three other venues: a flexatarian place for sit down dining, a cold press venue and a healthy fast food place.  Teresa’s motto is Eat Better, Be happier & Live Longer.  A visit to all or at least one of her venues is a must for any vegetarian.


In addition to the two restaurants, here  are some vegetarian restaurants That I have not been to as of yet.  In all of my visits to Varcelona, I have had no issues trying to find something to eat. Many restaurants have some options for vegetarians in their menus. However as a vegetarian, sometimes it is refreshing look at an entire menu and be able to choose something rather than just finding the few vegetarian dishes.


Have you been to one of Teresa Carlos restaurants or Vegetalia?  If so, what was your experience?  Have you been to other vegetarian restaurants not mentioned?  If so, what was your favourite dish?

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