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Visiting Kruger? Take a Day and See Blyde River Canyon

Perhaps it was because I spent time in Botswana which was filled with game drives and safari walks that I was feeling overly comfortable at Kruger. It seemed normal to me after a week of safaris. Did I loose that loving feeling? Maybe a little. I just needed to see something different.


The Cure: Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve

After our day in Kruger, we spent the next day along South Africa’s panorama route the 15Km loop is a must see. Frankly, I wish we would have did this first before visiting Kruger for a change of scenery. The drive along the lush mountains was just as beautiful as the places we stopped at along the way.

Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve


God’s Window

The name says it all. Although there is a bit of a climb, it is worth it for the view. Furthermore, it was unforgettable to be up in the clouds and look down about 900 meters into the vast sea of green space. On another note, this area of the nature reserve has bathrooms and a few curios (shops) to buy some trinkets.

View from God’s Window

Bourke’s Luck Potholes

To make it through this portion, it will be about a 45 min to an hour walk.
Along the path, there are some areas that may be uneven, but I found the paths manageable. When I was here there were no bathrooms to visit. As you walk through the rocks there are foot bridges and many different heights to see the area from all different angles. The potholes are formed by large volume of turbulent water carving the rocks. It is fascinating to see the power of water.

Bourke’s Luck Potholes

The Three Rondavels

The walk to get to the view point of the Three Rondavels is very short with a few steps. As you look over the the fence, you will see three cylinder like structures. The view is spectacular. Although Blyde River Canyon is not the largest canyon on earth, but I’d have to say I was impressed with its size and  abundance of green space. For a Canyon, I was not expecting all of the foliage. Have you been to Blyde River Canyon? Feel free to share your comments or questions.



19 thoughts on “Visiting Kruger? Take a Day and See Blyde River Canyon

  1. Robert

    Bucket List!

    Wow. This is a magnificent area.

    The rock looks in Blyde River Canyon look much more dense than in the Grand Canyon. The force of the water must be amazingly strong. What a great view!

    God’s Window seems appropriately named it has a feeling of being infinite. You mentioned a long hike. Definitely worth it.

    Thanks for sharing and one more adventure some day. Thank You.

  2. Eric Chen

    Hello Loresa,

    Gorgeous scenery in your pictures! I’ve always wanted to go on a little adventure of my own. I’ve been searching for recommended places but has yet to find one that really caught my attention.

    The Gods Widow caught my attention with the gorgeous view! When do you think it’s a good time to go there in terms of weather condition, etc.


    1. admin

      Hi Eric,

      The panoramic route is very beautiful and should be missed if visiting. South Africa.  is in the Southern Hemisphere so keep that in mind when booking your holiday.  I went in November which was spring for them.  The temaptues were very comfortable for South Africa. When I was in Kruger National Park, it was cold in the morning, but we left very early for our game drive.  It really depends on what your plans are and areas you want to visit. For example,  the dry season (winter) may increase your chance off seeing animals due to less vegetation.  January (summer) can be one of the wetter months.  Also, the weather in Kruger National Park will difffer than Cape Town, which tends to be cooler  and can be windy a times. July would be the coolest with lows reaching in the 40’s (Fahrenheit) . I do hope you make to South Africa.  Please share pictures if you do!

    1. admin

      Yes, the whole area was so beautiful. I could not believe what I was seeing! I do have a few more pictures on my Instagram account.

  3. Victoria

    The view from God’s Window looks amazing. I love to go on hikes but have never been to this country or continent! That needs to change!

    1. admin

      Hi Victoria

      Africa has many beautiful sights. The Panorama Route is so beautiful. I hope you make it there soon. This photo was taken in Spring (November). I found it a lovely time to visit.

  4. dennisallacross

    Blyde River Canyon looks absolutely gorgeous! I have only been to the Garden Route (incl Addo Elephant Park) and the Cape region in South Africa, which already made it one of my favorite countries in the world! I will definitely return one day to also explore Kruger National Park and then I might visit Blyde Canyon as well!

    1. Loresa Novy Post author

      Hi Tenesha,

      Yes, South Africa is filled with many beautiful sights. Kruger National Park, and the Panoramic Route are two of many bauftiful places to visit. I hope you make it there soon.

  5. Jas

    How difficult would you say the climb to God’s Window was? The view is absolutely breathtaking!!! Definitely adding it to my bucket list!

    1. Loresa Novy Post author

      Hi Sebastian! I am so excited for you. If you plan to visit Kruger National Park, the panoramic route (where Blyde River Canyon) should be on your list. I hope to see your pictures from your trip. If you have not booked a lodge to stay at, might I suggest Thornhill Safari Lodge. It was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the staff was wonderful.

  6. Kevin

    Wow, it’s looks beautiful out there. It actually looks similar to the western United States, like the Rockies, Yellowstone National Park or the Grand Canyon. I bet South Africa would be fun to visit. I’d love to check out God’s Window, but don’t know if I could do the climb. Thanks for the interesting article!

    1. admin

      Hi Kevin!  Yes, it was so beautiful there, and I am glad you enjoyed the post. was able to climb it with no problem.  I have hiked in Spain and I needed a pole to assist me through the mountains. The trail to God’s window is very groomed and was reactively easy to do.  I saw people of all ages while I was there walking the trail.  I hope you will make it there soon.

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